We are not a fruity froo-froo spa that uses chemical applications

to mask surface problems while glossing over deeper issues!

Our safe, comfortable, energizing atmosphere & holistic healing 

get to the root of your problem rather than masking it.

We offer you a full range of holistic healing

approaches & beauty techniques with

 an energy and an atmosphere that

are unrivaled in the area!

Salon & Day Spa

Esthetics & Waxings

Manicures & Pedicures

Deeply engaging reflexology & foot zoning

Reiki, Light Therapy, Chakra Health

Vibrational/ frequency healing w Stone & Crystal Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sustainable lifestyle counseling and classes

Nutritional workshops

Yoga classes w oils or sound therapy

You control the depth to which we go.

From surface beauty to muscle mechanics to lifestyle changes. 

We now take Medical HSA Visa/ Mastercards for medical type services


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