“What is Reiki anyway?


You aren’t alone. We have many people asking us what Reiki is. How I would explain it would simply be energy-work. It is a no-touch therapy that helps balance the body at an emotional level in addition to physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

From “Practical Reiki” by Mari Hall:

‘”Rei’ is  defined as universal life giving. ‘Ki’ is defined as energy or life force flows through all things that are alive. It is also known as Light, Prana, Chi, Cosmic Energy, or Universal Radiant Energy.”

One person is reawakened by a Reiki Master with an initial process, then the ability to transmit this energy will be theirs for the rest of their lives and will flow through their hands naturally.”

“You do not have to see the energy, nor concentrate on it at all. Nor do you remove energy or give them your energy. Reiki energy balances and harmonizes.”

Hall, Mari. Practical Reiki. Hammersmith: Woolnough Bookbinding Ltd., 1997. Print.

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Lilian Llanos, transformational coach